• Contemplative Healing Retreats & Seminars
Are you a busy pastor, minister, or leader looking for a place of rest and retreat? The Contemplative Healing Retreat is your answer. It is ministry designed specifically and purposefully for you to be revived, restored, refreshed and healed. The Contemplative Healing Retreats and Seminars are designed to provide a place where persons can retreat and connect with one’s self, God and others in an environment of quiet contemplation, prayer and study.

New Paradigm Ministries: Leadership Training
Are you looking for leadership training for your group, your church, your nonprofit, or for yourself? The Ephesus Project offers New Paradigm Leadership Training. It provides quality training for the 21st century context. You can attend scheduled sessions and seminars or training can be tailored to your particular need. Instructors are highly qualified and credentialed in their areas of expertise.

Grace Space: Organic Church Plants
Are you looking for a unique and exciting space to learn and grow in relationship with the God of Grace and with one another in a small intimate gathering? Grace Space is a hospitable and safe gathering space where persons can enter and experience the Word of God through sermons and enlightening, challenging, and relevant conversations that follow the sermon topic of the day. It all takes place in the informal setting of Grace Space. All are welcome...Come as you are!

• Open Word
Want a place to come for mid-week discussions around biblical and theological topics? Open Word is for anyone who wants to join in an informal community setting for Bible study and focus topics of interest to the group.

• The Esther Challenge
Teaching ministry provided for high school girls for spiritual and character development to discover and cultivate their inner and outer beauty.

• Contemplative Healing Retreats and Seminars
Designed to provided a sacred space where persons can retreat and connect with God, one’s self, and others, in an environment of quiet contemplation, solitude, prayer, and study.

• Monday Evening Prayer: 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Weekly prayer time for community gathering and intimate sharing. Open to public.