About The Ephesus Project

The mission of The Ephesus Project is to provide a distinctly Christian environment of spiritual and educational excellence for those who are looking to experience relevant and empowering ministry that transforms lives, and builds leaders and communities.

The Ephesus Project exists in community, among the people with the people and through the people, “Church Without Walls,” holding true to the tenets of the Christian faith but in unique and creative ways of ministry.

Our vision is for a healed community aware of its power who exists in relationship with God and one another for the mission of the Gospel of Christ in action.

Churches, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and individuals are invited to participate and benefit from the work of the various components of The Ephesus Project. These ministries include New Paradigm Leadership Training, Grace Space Gatherings, Open Word Bible Study and Conversation, pastoral and leadership retreats and focus symposiums.

The Ephesus Project is designed to meet the challenges of the church, community, and leadership who exist in a 21st century cultural context.